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It was launched SIGUREC application for smartphone, available on IOS and Android.

The SIGUREC APP help those who want to send waste to recycling. We also launched a new SIGUREC service, SIGUREC MOBILE – by using the app you can call a truck to pick up your waste from your home (service currently available only in Bucharest).



With the SIGUREC App, you can call to your home SIGUREC Mobil, the first free waste recycling taxi. In addition to this, SIGUREC will monitor your recycling performance and will award you. 


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Environmental damage has become one of the major issues worldwide and sadly one of the most ignored as well. Unfortunately, even the smallest human actions initiate environmental change. Therefore, in the rush to increase the living standards, people actually contribute to the consumption of natural resources together with the large industrial consumers.

Based on available technologies, to ensure that each person in the world can reach the level of consumption of the highly industrialized countries of the world, the required level of natural resources would be ensured by four planets similar to Earth.

But we have only one planet.

Because we want to survive and to thrive on this small planet with limited resources of water, ground and air, we should act with wisdom and responsibility.

Packaged products are no longer a mark of wealth, but of normality one and nobody can conceive today's daily life without packaging; as the consumption of various goods increased, the quantity of packaging placed on the market has also increased dramatically, becoming a real environmental issue, with implications in our everyday lives.
We cannot live without the benefits of packages, but at the same time we cannot live ignoring the problems caused by the packaging waste generated as a result. The European solution, adopted by default in Romania is that of "extended producer responsibility" - transposed into Romanian legislation by the law 211/2011 - and the organizations for transfer of responsibility have the role to reach clear goals, under this law.
Life for all of us is full of desires. Amongst all, the desire to live a better life is the essence of striving for continuous improvement that has always been specific to the human nature.

A better life involves taking care of protecting the environment not as an alternative, but as a first rank necessity.

From this deep faith ECO PACK MANAGEMENT was born, a company founded with the purpose of taking over the responsibility of economic operators in order to reach annual objectives of recovery and recycling of packaging waste and in order to report the information relating to the management of packaging waste.

In partenership with leaders from Romania's recycling industry we developed an integrated and innovative system of separate collection using the best techniques available and the most modern technologies, which ensure both maximum traceability of waste packaging materials and their transport from the generator to the recycler on the shortest route.
Thus, through our services, we guarantee to our clients the compliance of both fundamental requirements of the new European directive: traceability of waste and proximity. As a result of this innovative approach, the CO2 footprint for this activity is the most reduced in the range of legal solutions available and the cost of operations is very economical.
Waste collected this way goes directly from the generator to recycler, without intermediate stages that might lead to the contamination of waste and the burden of additional cost to the transport and their recovery.

In a turbulent world of uncertainties and fears of both climate change and alarming adverse economic developments from the last few years, ECO PACK MANAGEMENT strongly believes and acts consistently in the right direction to encourage sustainable economic growth without compromising environment quality, and without compromises that would mortgage our children's future in exchange for a short term benefit.

We believe that the investments and efforts that we make together, give Romania a chance to become a champion of "circular economy" in Europe, decreasing the responsible economic operators costs for the proper collection and recycling of packaging waste and recovering part of the value of waste packaging that can be returned in the economy in the form of renewable raw materials, or energy from their disposal in special incineration equipment.

ECO PACK MANAGEMENT team welcomes you to come and join us and contribute together to support a new standard of quality in the management of packaging waste, as a common alternative valuable for a better future!

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